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Proud to be A Colored Girl'

Proud to be A Colored Girl'  The age-old stereotyping of African American women has gone on  practically unchallenged for centuries, except we are ready to embark on a journey together, that will help us change our way of thinking and feeling, about the term "Colored Girl" We'll explore  different perceptions, and perspectives of what has been taught to us, as well as what we have come to accept. This racially divided world we live in, fails to teach us that we are all the same! Every nationality of women the world over, has a color to their skin, no matter what that shade is, a colored girl can be someone viewed as beautiful. We may come in different shades, sizes, and nationalities, but inside we are universal. Dare to open your mind and challenge your inner beliefs and you will find being a colored girl is something to be proud of. And this truth applies to all women everywhere.

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